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What to do if you find a baby bird...

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Caring for Injured 
and Orphaned Wildlife 
Through Rehabilitation 
and Education...

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    I'm not crazy. But some of my friends think I am. I am a wildlife rehabilitator. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping injured and orphaned wild animals. Someone has to do it.
Have you ever found an orphaned baby squirrel, an injured bird, or something similar? You probably wanted to help, but didn't have a clue who to call. It is a helpless feeling, but there are people out there that can help. 
     I belong to a group of wildlife rehabilitators called Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue. We are a non-profit organization serving the Brazoria/Matagorda County area along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

     The following links are excellent, reliable sources for information on wildlife rehabilitation. They provide information on what to do if you find an orphaned or injured bird or animal, and how to become a wildlife rehabilitator.

What to do...

If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, place the animal in a cardboard box. Do this only if there is no danger of injury to yourself. Handle the animal as little as possible. Place the box somewhere quiet and warm away from pets and children. DO NOT attempt to give food, water or milk to the animal. Call a wildlife rehabilitator.

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This website is sponsored by:

TP&W logoTexas Parks & Wildlife
The TP&W web site has a listing of all the
permitted wildlife rehabilitators in the state,
listed by county.

IWRC logoInternational Wildlife
Rehabilitation Council


NWRA logoNational Wildlife
Rehabilitation Association


Directory logoThe Wildlife Rehabilitation
Information Directory

Information on wildlife rehabilitation and a
                   directory of rehabilitators across the country.

             Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc.
             A wildlife rescue organization in Denver, Colorado.
                 Their site contains excellent information on humane
                 eviction of wildlife and first aid for wildlife.

Healers of the Wild Bookcover

"Healers of the Wild"
is an excellent reference
book for children and
adults alike. Order it from
Coyote Moon Press



Did you know?...

Armadillos always have four babies of the same sex, identical quadruplets!


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